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Reducing the risk of denial so you can focus on what matters.

MRC’s outsourced, turnkey solutions are tailored to each client by our proven and diverse team of highly specialized nurses and staff. We have extensive experience providing the required review of Medical Necessity status cases and inpatient admissions screening criteria. Leveraging our proven processes and approach, we work with national healthcare organizations to meet an array of needs including clinical coding and documentation assessments, process improvement initiatives, and internal training programs. Established in 1983, MRC is the proven leader in Medical Record Reviews and Analyses, supporting clients in the legal, pharmaceutical, government, health care, and insurance industries with an array of services. Thanks to our deep heritage and the expertise of our dedicated nursing staff with first-hand experience in a clinical setting, we have been at the forefront in saving the medical industry billions at large.

With over 30 years of experience reviewing medical documents to ensure compliance, MRC continues to deliver on our core values of service, integrity, collaboration and creativity. From billing and medical to social security and international retrieval requests, MRC will obtain the records pertinent to your case efficiently and accurately. We also offer state-of-the-art security options for clients who need to share their retrieval data with outside parties.

MRC’s Values

MRC’s accomplished history is best defined by our commitment to growth and innovation. By consistently providing efficient, best-in-class service, we have become a vendor of choice in the national litigation market. When you enlist MRC’s services, our values go to work for you and meet your needs:

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